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The long, slow night begins

Nothing like showing up for work a bit early and finding there is no work to do. Well, at least I'll get a lot of commenting in on folk's entries and have plenty of time to do some thinking and posting of my own.

Took Ericka to the fair today. I am not a fair person. So very little there to attract me (some music, some animals) and so much that really doesn't appeal. One great big bunch of it seems to be a game to see who can collect the most cheap crap. Everywhere you turn someone is handing you a bag, a pen, a bandanna, a postcard, a fan. None of it worth the price you've paid. Ericka gets sucked into the hypnotizing effect of getting something for "free" which frustrates me when I'm with her.

On top of that, she got over-heated (perhaps some mild heat exhaustion) as the morning warmed up. So I got to pay $2 for a flavorless sno-cone in order to get some ice to cool her down so we could get back to the car, and home where she could rest and be further cooled down. ("I didn't get nothing, I had to pay $50 and pick up the garbage....")

As I got to sleep (seeing as I was awake during normal sleeping hours to take Ericka to the fair) I had an interesting dream. I was meeting members of the Russian Space Consortium (which probably isn't their official name, but it was what we called them in my dream), in order to negotiate the transfer of space shuttle technology to them. Just before I woke up, we had reached the part of reading through the initial offer (interrupted briefly by fireworks at the fair). I was about to tell them that on one particular portion where it looked like NASA was being generous by given them access to some interchangeable modules that it wasn't as good as it looked because it required them to come to Cape Canaveral to have the modules changed. So they'd get the technology, but they'd get screwed on the labor.

At some point, there was also a Twins game being played on a big field at the fair. Fans sat on the grass along the edges and there was no real fence to the outfield. Just some big parachute-cloth thing that keep the balls from rolling forever. As David Ortiz hit a home-run, I was walking by and got to shake his hand and have a little chat as he rounded third. We had to keep it short, as he had places to go....

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