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User Number: 53954
Date Created:2001-02-07
Number of Posts: 182

A typically Scandanavian fellow who has used the time since March 27, 1967 to grow into himself, finally catching up with his mental age. Drinker of good beer and fine whiskey. Eater and maker of good foods. Host extrodinaire.
Strengths: Honesty. Ability to Have Fun. Patience. Aura of Calm.
Weaknesses: Procrastinator. Lazy about housework. Lascivious.
Special Skills: Appreciation of Whiskey and Beer. Host-Fu. Touch of Computer Healing. Always Right. Silly.
Weapons: Blades both short and long. Disarming Silliness.
Title: Just and Beneficent Ruler of the Universe

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