Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Spring Prairie

I took my phone out to survey the prairie when I got home from work today. These photos show some if the early plants and some of the later ones that are just getting started.

This is my oldest patch of cupplant. It has a pretty vigorous start.

This is a younger cupplant. It was probably seeded from one of the more mature specimens last year. You can see a little of how the leaves grip the stem and give this plant its common name.

This is a nice patch of little bluestem, a common prairie grass.

This is bergamot, a member of the mint family.

Some wild columbine.

Prairie dropseed, another prairie grass. This one forms pretty mounds of blades.

This plant with the nicely textured leaves is anise hyssop. Fragrant and it gets gorgeous purple flowers in the summer.

I am very excited about this photo, because it shows how one of my prairie smoke plants has spread!

Here's another prairie smoke with its early pink flowers.

This is an aster, I think. Have to get a better look as it grows up!

This little guy is kinda cute, but I think it might be an invading violet. I'll keep an eye on it!

And this is a shot of the whole front prairie. Nothing is over a foot tall yet. You can see where I've killed off most of my lawn around the prairie. The plan is to expand with more native plants this year!

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