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Just finished the cleaning and de-cluttering of the downstairs freezer. Defrosted overnight. Wiped out with a warm-water/bleach solution; very dilute and honestly probably not necessary. Got some grunge out of the door seal which can't but help it's performance.

Divided the freezer into three zones, convenient because there are three shelves. The bottom shelf is now for frozen dessert items. Currently occupied by two key-lime pies and a bag and a half of macadamia nut cookie dough. (I'll bake up some of the cookie dough later if it's frozen enough. Otherwise tomorrow.) Middle shelf is for frozen pastas, currently occupied by two bags each of tortellini and stuffed shells. Top shelf is for pizza. Ericka is bringing Lou Malnatti's back from Chicago as comfort food and there are two boxes of mini pizzas that make good microwave snacks when one is in a hurry. One of these is destined for upstairs after that freezer is de-cluttered.

Feels good to have things cleared up. Now to each some of the pizza I cooked last night and embark on the next project!

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