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Rode into work for the first time in over a week. Took extra time to stretch out before I left. Hamstrings all tightened up. It's slow at work so I'm going to google for cycling warm-up stretches, see what comes up. The ride took me longer than usual as well. I was taking it particularly easy, wanting to ease into things.

They've decided to move us about at work, consolidating the regulars and leaving the far-flung machines open for temps. This is a good thing as it will make things like the quarterly peaks less disruptive to the regular staff. Of course, everyone is resistant to change and finds the upheaval unfair in one fashion or another. Maybe because all of the work-stuff I leave on my desk for reference fits (very loosely) into one file folder I'm not as broken up as everyone else.

Still, today was moving day so that involved resetting all the preferences for my profile on this machine. Gotta have more resolution than 800x600 on this 17-inch monitor. Gotta not have stark white to stare at all night. Gotta reduce the amount of screen real-estate the browser overhead takes. Gotta move my bookmarks over and re-up all the cookies that keep me logged in to sites I want to stay logged in to. A minor hassle, but hey, it's kept me busy.

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