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Ericka is heading to Chicago-area today to visit with her mom and various relatives.

I'm hoping to get some things done while she's gone. On the list:

  1. Empty the basement room I plan on taking over as personal space.
  2. Defrost, clean and de-clutter the downstairs freezer.
  3. De-clutter the refrigerator/freezer upstairs.
  4. Clean and de-clutter the bathroom (which may involve the hall closet).

I'll need some help to get all this accomplished in the four days Ericka will be gone. I'll make some calls to friends to see if they feel like helping with such things. Part of my thinking is that since I will be working nights I'll be sleeping during much of the productive day. This leaves me with but a few hours a day to get stuff done and that having someone around to chat with will be helpful in doing that. I figure I'll barter dinner for the help.

Any volunteers?

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