Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges


When polls opened at 7:00 there were 85 people in line at my polling place. I was voter #6, though I wasn't sixth in line. I think getting my sample ballot ahead of time and figuring out who to vote for sped me up enough to leap-frog some folks. Plus all those years of standardized tests and forms, filling out the little bubbles.

After voting, I got on the web site and made some get-out-the-vote calls to Obama supporters in Ohio. They make it stupid-easy to sign up and get doing this yourself! GOTV in your jammies! I did! I made calls in MN too, but I think my phone needed a rest or something as it gave up connecting after 42 calls.

So now, having failed to sleep at all last night, I'm going to collapse until returns start coming in....

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