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Last minute update

Well, last five minutes, actually.

Had a fairly busy night of work for nearly all the 9 hours I've been here. It's supposed to be a 10-hour shift for our peak, but the work schedule shows nothing due before 1800 Saturday and not much due before 0500 Monday. I'm expected to come into work on Sunday night but have been told to call in before coming in as they very likely won't need many folks to handle the work.

I'm looking forward to getting out the Irish fair in St. Paul, naturally enough. Hope weather is semi-decent. Perhaps Ericka will feel like getting out. At the very least my dog should enjoy the outing. Many collies about that she enjoys playing with (once we establish who is in charge).

And some good music is promised. I'm a bit curious to see what the Tim Malloys do for their sets. As a rowdy pub band, their regular sets won't be wholly appropriate for the family audiences of the fair. Should be interesting.

Five minutes up...time for me to bolt.

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