Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Subconscious working overtime

I awoke early today with a fragments of a story bubbling up from a dream. Capturing them before they are lost in the work a day world....

The work is titled "My Grandmother in the Jungle." An English or Dutch colonist/adventurer has taken a large portion of his family fortune and built a new home in South America in the age of piracy. He and his eldest son arrived first but he has just sent for the rest of his family, his wife and young son whom he last saw as an infant.

I see this like a movie: The opening shot is the reddish sunrise silhouetting a man fishing. White flowing script, a woman's writing, spells out 'foreword' and a woman's voice-over begins to tell the back-story. I see brief flashbacks of the man leaving, the new home described in letters, the young boy growing up on the promise of meeting a father he's never known.

The fisherman gets into a low canoe with about four other men. They paddle out into the surf and along the coast. The other men are natives and the white man sits in the prow, paddling with them. Enemies are spotted in approaching canoes and a chase ensues. The chase ends at a native village, the single canoe pulling into the village's harbor and expected safety only to find several more canoes waiting there along with a European ship.

They are allowed to land and the man walks through the ominous village filled with silent, menacing natives. He reaches a common area, where a pirate captain and a few of his crew wait, holding his son.

The narrative ends there in my dream, but there are a few more images. His wife arriving at a larger colony, met by natives and taken to their home. Finding that home burned. She carries a butterfly net that comes in handy now and again; preventing her son from drifting off when they are being swept down a river, fending off an enemy.

The overall effect of the story is of a woman thrust into a difficult situation and, because she is smart, strong and resourceful, surviving and building a new life for her family.
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