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International licensing

Near as I can figure, this is the best solution. A world-wide program of licensing. A comprehensive test of skills with regular checks and updates. No, not for car drivers. For users of Microsoft Word.

Some people simply should not be allowed.

I spent two hours today converting a 19-page Word document into HTML. For reference, this would normally, with my company's procedures, take me, at max, 20 minutes. Less if the financial tables are set up reasonably.

But no, some customer had to create their financial tables as pictures within Word. Each row listing (what we call the "stub field") and each piece of data in a column were set as separate text boxes.

But it doesn't end there.

If there was a change in typeface in the stub field, that meant a new text box. If the stub field ran to two lines, you guessed it, the second line was a new text box.

Oh, wait, there's more.

Say a figure had a dollar sign. Yep. New text box.

Also, the standard for financial tables is that if the stub field runs to a second line, that line is indented slightly. (One em typically, for you type geeks.) So this customer has the second line a separate text box, you'd think they'd just slide it over to make the indent. Nope. They inserted spaces in the text box to make the indent.

It was like someone had worked out the worst possible way to create a financial table and then did it that way.

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