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Goin' to the game

Well, I jumped on the bandwagon with both feet and bought a Twins season ticket package this morning. I now have two tickets to the last 20 games of the season, starting with the August 14, 2002 game vs. Baltimore. Here's the listing of scheduled games:
Wed. 14     Baltimore      7:05 PM
Thu. 15     Baltimore      7:05 PM
Fri. 16     Boston         7:05 PM
Sat. 17     Boston         6:05 PM
Sun. 18     Boston         7:05 PM

Tue. 27     Seattle        7:05 PM
Wed. 28     Seattle        7:05 PM
Thu. 29     Seattle        12:05 PM

Fri. 6      Oakland        7:05 PM
Sat. 7      Oakland        6:05 PM
Sun. 8      Oakland        1:05 PM
Mon. 9      Detroit        7:05 PM
Tue. 10     Detroit        7:05 PM
Wed. 11     Detroit        12:05 PM

Tue. 24     Cleveland      7:05 PM
Wed. 25     Cleveland      7:05 PM
Thu. 26     Cleveland      7:05 PM
Fri. 27     Chicago WS     7:05 PM
Sat. 28     Chicago WS     6:05 PM
Sun. 29     Chicago WS     1:05 PM

This is my notice to my LJ friends that I'm looking for someone to accompany me to any and all of these games. Just drop me a line to if you'd like to come along.

I should be getting post-season ticket information in a couple of weeks, according to the sales guy at the Twins' office. I'll be looking forward to considering those and to watching the Twins in post-season play!

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