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Baseball, visiting and computer musing

Caught the end of the Twins game this evening. (My cable or power cut out earlier in the evening and I didn't wake up in time to get it fixed before the game.) An exciting ending with the game tied into the 10th inning. The top of the Twins lineup rallied for a run in the bottom of the 10th, sending the crowd (about 1,000 and some more than last night's) into satisfied cheering. I have until the end of next week, I think, to buy a ticket package and get priority for post-season tickets. Seeing as the Twins are all but guaranteed a post-season appearance, this might be a good plan....

Work is spotty-busy tonight. Had about an hour's worth right when I showed up and have done about another 30 minutes worth in the intervening couple of hours. We've settled into the "wait for proofreading, pounce on the file" mode we so often get into (as proofreading takes longer than the typesetting part), so I'll have spurts of activity for the rest of the night, most likely.

In the morning (that is, later this morning) I'm going over to visit fredcritter. We've been meaning to do this for a while now and have finally got our collective acts together. I'm going to spend a little while looking for bike routes on line as I rode in to work this evening. I think that'll make for good timing as there will be about 30 minutes between when I get off and the earliest I should get there.

Heard from my aunt in Olympia (hi, Pat and Sid!) that they'll be out of town during my September trip. So I'll firm up places to stay with friends in Seattle for the week and a bit that I'll be there and get on with planning things that I want to do while I'm there. I hear Great Big Sea will be in concert in Vancouver in September so I'll have to check dates on their site and see if that would make a fun outing with friends.

Also getting somewhat ancy about getting a new computer. Have decided to go the iMac + iBook route and am thinking I'll wait until the latest release of OS X (Jaguar) is released so that it'll be loaded on both machines. Would like to have the iBook for the September trip, though and don't know what their back-log is like, or will be come the release of Jaguar. There's also a .Mac account to think about. I'm not happy to be paying for something that had been free for so long, but I'm also very happy with the tools that I use and see that they have value. So I'll probably cave and pay for at least the first year.

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