Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Tweets for yesterday

What I was doing yesterday at:
  • 12:32 Flights to Chicago being cancelled. Still looking OK for me.
  • 12:52 Flight is over-sold. Tempted to volunteer to stay overnight, but must get home. Still. Vegas baby!
  • 12:55 Hmm. No plane @ gate yet. Should be boarding soon.
  • 12:59 Yay! We have a plane!
  • 13:14 Not boarding yet. Looks like things could run late.
  • 13:22 Am on plane but since I'm first class, we are still running late.
  • 16:50 Landed! Now to train and bus home, after de-plane of course.
  • 17:34 Downtown. Waiting for next bus.
  • 17:37 On bus. Home soon.
  • 18:07 Home at last! Dogs and cats happy to see me. Ericka napping but sleepily happy.
  • 22:10 Curled up with cat and dog. Good night Internets.
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