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Twins win!

Very fun game today. Twins broke out to a four-run lead early and pitching was keeping things well in hand. Eventually, Toronto tied the game but the Twins bull pen took the game into extra innings.

In the bottom of the 10th I stared with wonderment as the Blue Jays intentionally walked Christian Guzman with Bobby Kielty on second and one out, bringing power-hitter Corey Koskie to the plate. In line with my intuition, Koskie hit a hard liner to deep center, scoring Kielty to win the game.

I'd heard too late that laurel was going to be there so I was on the opposite side of the field rather than sharing the game with friends. Still, the large crowd (biggest regular season crowd I'd seen) made the game fun to watch even among strangers.

Turns out I goofed up and have tickets to Tuesday's game, rather than Wednesday's. Well, I'll have to see if my friend can still make it. If not I'm sure I can find someone to come with me one way or another.

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