Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Ready to fly

I'm off tomorrow to visit my parents in their winter home, Mesquite, NV, in celebration of my mother's 65th birthday. Threw some clothes in a backpack, added a few odds and ends and I'm all set. Phone and camera are charging and I'll toss them and their chargers in tomorrow.

I have a meeting at work at 10:00 and my flight is a little before 3:00. I'll hop the bus and train from work and get to the airport in plenty of time. This time tomorrow I'll be enjoying the company of family and mild temperatures.

Our good friend Philip is, quite luckily, visiting his parents in Madison and able to extend his trip a few days to stay with Ericka while I'm gone. Also the MS Society has come up with some funds for respite care to allow Ericka to have PCAs for more hours while I'm gone. It will be nice to not have to worry or come up with extra money to keep Ericka cared for while I get to see my mom on her special day.

I wonder a bit what the dogs will think, but I'm trying to treat it as just another day of me heading off to work. No sense instilling any extra anxiety in them. The cats, of course, will hate me until about 30 minutes after I return and then I won't be able to dislodge them for hours.

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