Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Tweets for yesterday

What I was doing yesterday at:
  • 08:45 Dogs and cats into the vet today. Met and was drooled on by St. Bernard.
  • 11:47 I am unduly amused by Ericka doing PT to the tune of "I Want To Be Sedated"
  • 13:36 When the dogs get back from the vet, they are going to have a ball with all this snow.
  • 18:43 Domino (our cat) is soooo stoned after her trip to the vet. :)
  • 19:59 Drinking Laphroig in the minicon hotel car.
  • 20:44 If given the option, have the waitress pour your liquor in minicon hotel bar.
  • 20:59 Need snacks. Will head to Dreamhaven party shortly.
  • 21:00 Fwd: Need snacks. Will head to Dreamhaven party shortly. Minicon
  • 21:19 Dreamhaven party = old school MNstf! Minicon
  • 22:06 Leaving Minicon too soon. :( Back tomorrow night!
  • 23:09 Wishing I was still @ minicon. Too many friends. Too little time. See folks tomorrow night!
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