Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Contrasting artforms

I popped over to the Weismann Art Museum on campus after work today. Actually took off from work a tad early so I would have time to see the exhibit I was interested in before they closed at 5:00. The exhibit is "Paul Shambroom: Picturing Power" a collection of photographs from the artist's previous works. It was interesting to see how he dealt with various kinds of "power" in his subjects, from nuclear weapons to small-town city councils.

While I was there I discovered that our own minnehaha B is giving a lecture on March 27th on "The Theater of Security." I'll be out of town celebrating my mom's 65th birthday. I think some of you folks might be interested in going to hear B and/or to see the Shambroom exhibit.

As way of taking my cultural experience down a notch, I also went out Wednesday evening to catch a showing of Doomsday. It seemed to be equal parts 28 Days, Escape from New York and Road Warrior with a bit of Army of Darkness thrown in for flavor. Sound confusing? Yeah. And that doesn't even get to the WTF? ending. But there was much gore and many explosions and some good bits of soundtrack so I'd call it worth my $6.

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