Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Generally healthy

The University has a "Wellness Fair" today at the Rec Center. There were little displays about various activities at the center and about healthiness wedged into the space between some racquetball courts. They had some health screenings by the Boynton Health Service as well.

My blood pressure was 118/80, pretty much perfect. My BMI (for what it's worth) was 28.5, just a little above the recommended 18.5-24.9. My body fat was 21.6%, in the normal range for 40-year-old men. My non-fasting glucose was 92, very good.

The only strange result was cholesterol. 214 total with HDL of 18 and LDL of 172. I normally have pretty normal or even low cholesterol. These numbers are quite outside the recommended ranges. HDL should be 40+ and LDL under 130.

I've been meaning to get over to the rec center and check out their programs and if these cholesterol numbers are at all accurate, I could benefit from the exercise. I talked to the folks at the U of M aikido club for a bit, chatting briefly with one of the yoga instructors and watched part of a spin class.

I might be able to fit in some classes during the week without too much difficulty. And the health plan at the U includes a credit for going to a participating gym on a regular basis. (And the rec center, of course, participates.)

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