Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

A good lunch

About 1:00 I went looking for something to eat. On my walk over to Dinkytown, I decided on something spicy to lift my mood on this grey day. I passed on the Mexican grill and wandered up the street toward a new Asian place, Pagoda, that took over the spot that used to be a record store next to McDonalds.

On the way I stopped in at Sara Cura to catch up briefly with alisgray, who looked fetching in a black jacket over a red blouse while also looking capable and fierce due to big, stompy boots.

Lunch at Pagoda was cheap, filling and not all that spicy overall. I had the hot-and-sour soup with my lunch special, but took some advice I received recently and tried the Pagoda Chow Mein on the theory that if a restaurant puts their name on it, the dish is likely to be particularly good. It was tasty and had a good mix of ingredients. I added little bit of chili sauce for a pleasant bit of burn. I topped it off with a little green-tea ice cream and headed back to the office.

As I arrived, I saw chasophonic walking up the street the opposite direction. His office is just down the street from mine so I hope this becomes not a surprise over time. We resolved to get together for lunch sometime.

So a friendly chat, a filling meal, a pleasant encounter add up to a good lunch.

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