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Soliciting your restaurant thoughts - Peter Hentges

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February 11th, 2008

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11:39 am - Soliciting your restaurant thoughts
Remember my little part-time gig doing restaurant reviews for cell phone subscribers? Well, it's morphed a bit as the company was acquired by/merged with Go2 Media. Now rather than being aimed at SMS messages, they are trying to build content for the "mobile web."

Well, my part in this is to do write-ups of what I consider the "Top 9" (because of the # of keys on a cell phone, I think not knowing about the "0" key could be a flaw in their business plan) restaurants in the Twin Cities.

I have ideas about what I consider the top restaurants but I'm interested in what other people think as well. So if you have a restaurant (or eight) that you think belongs in a list of the best restaurants in the Cities, I'd appreciate a comment here.

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Date:February 11th, 2008 09:17 pm (UTC)
Business people want different things than, f'rinstance, you or me. They're less concerned about price and quality than about comfort and alcohol. That's a genrality, but should be a consideration.

When I'm out with business folk, they invariably pick someplace like Morton's Steak House or some moderately upscale bar/restaurant. Places I might never consider going in.

So, aiming for the business crowd while allowing for my tastes to get in the way:

Khan's Mongolian Barbeque
Christo's (Greek)
Machu Picchu (haven't been there for a long time)

Hmm... harder than I thought. Either limiting to nine is too strict or my tastes are too catholic/jewish for your average text-to-meal menu.

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