Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

A quiet and mostly snooze-ful holiday

That's what we're having 'round these parts. Yesterday was a good day for naps, with the grey and the snowing. Today, though bright, is turning into one as well. Might have to do with the ample supply of holiday treats around. Though having two dogs and two cats also offer many napping opportunities.

Heard from my mom today. She and my dad are out at my brother's place in Shakopee until the 3rd of Jan. I'll get out to see them all sometime later this week. Dad did well in a poker tournament out in Nevada before they left, splitting the final take three ways for a 1k payday.

Heard from Ericka's family yesterday. Her godson/nephew liked the apron she made for him. He really likes helping his mom in the kitchen and so having his own apron was thrill enough. Ericka also cleverly transferred a Mickey Mouse design on to the apron, which her nephew also loved, and added his name. So that was a big hit.

I've got Ericka's wrapped present ready for her. (She like to have something to unwrap on Christmas, even if she knows what it is.) I'm thinking I'll settle down for a little Xbox and plan out my limited time for social events for the rest of the year. Hope to see many of you!

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