Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Drums against darkness

Went off the to drum jam at the Cedar cultural center this evening. This was a special treat because one of Ericka's helpers was able to stay in town this evening and come back to be with Ericka so that I would be able to go. It's probably the longest I'll be able to get away from the house this holiday season as most of Ericka's helpers are with their families (as it should be).

Saw the minnehahas and pegkerr there and settled in on the stage with my drum upon arrival. One thing I learned the last time I attended this event is that one individual's drumming doesn't matter so much in the scheme of things. It's the being part of the event and adding a bit to the beat that is important. For a little bit, I just sat and felt the rhythm pulse through the skin of my drum. Then I picked up my tipper and played along with it.

The fire dancers were on hand again and I think there were more of them than the last time I attended. It seemed that their performances went on for longer. An individual, duo or small group would come out, do their thing and then use their fading flame to light the equipment of the next in line. Then another would come out, and another, and another until it seemed that the energy was sucked out of the room as the event changed from a participation to a performance.

Don't get me wrong, the individual dancers were largely great. I just think that having three or four sets of performers per break in the action, rather than half a dozen or more, would be a better use of their talents for this particular event.

In the end, I had to leave too early. I can still hear the drums, though. It sounds like sunrise.

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