Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

It's a job!

A possible second offer hasn't materialized, so I've taken the offer I had in hand. On Monday, Dec. 17, I'll be starting at Prime Therapeutics as a Senior Product Analyst--Member Experience, which means I'll be working on their web sites. It's a job I think I'll be good at and that I'll like. They are also paying me well and providing good benefits. So this is good all 'round.

(All this is pending background and drug screens that I'll pass with flying colors.)

I particularly like that this is the first position I've had where I'll be able to put "Senior" on my resume.

Now to get my sleep schedule re-oriented to one approaching "normal" for first shift over the weekend. That'll be fun, given the number of activities available to me this forthcoming weekend. Still, it's a delightful problem to have.

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