Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Whirlwind weekend

On Friday, erickavan came home from the hospital. There was the waiting and waiting for the discharge papers to be written up. And then the reading of the orders that were obviously wrong but we didn't argue because we just wanted to leave. Then the process of loading Ericka and all her stuff into the van. Then getting her home and into her own bed, complete with pussycats and puppies around. As she settled in, she started feeling a bit disoriented, hearing beeps of hospital equipment waking her from her doze and not being sure of what time it was and that sort of thing. With reassurance and comfort, she settled in, though, and got some good sleep.

Then Saturday was the puppy party! sraun and iraunink were the first to arrive with their passle of little dogs. Then chirosinger and musicmutt came with their two. There was sniffing and woofing and chasing galore. But there was still more! kalmn arrived with her two and there was another round of doggie delights. The people also had fun, with chatting and sharing stories and pictures and the like. Mostly we laughed at the dogs who were delightfully silly. There was a mass exodus and things got quiet enough for me to get in a nap.

Some napping, some Halo 3, more napping, feeding dogs and having breakfast and a post-breakfast nap later, here I am with finally time to post an update!

Tomorrow, I go meet with the folks at Spherion, the same company that got me started at Merrill several years ago, about a position at Best Buy that looks like a good fit and would be a contract through next October. We'll see how that turns out or if something even more fun and cool comes up!

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