Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Updates and Plans

Ericka is doing very much better and thanks everyone for their kind wishes. (Even the anonymous commenter, whoever you are. She's cheered by the thought that random anonymous Internet users wish her well.) Most all of the tests have checked out just fine. The one snag is a series of infections (bladder, parotiditis, cellulitis) that are being treated with IV antibiotics. This will keep her in the hospital until at least Wednesday. That's not great, but the good news is that people like the nutritionist and physical therapists are greatly impressed with how well she's doing in their areas of specialty. She's receiving great care from the people at St. John's and has had many visitors (though more are welcome) so she's generally about as comfortable and happy as she can be without being home.

I have a little job interview Monday afternoon. I'm not sure if this is a job that I actually want. The pay is a little low, but it's for a non-profit so that's to be expected. Both the hiring person and I think I'm overqualified but I want to go talk to them anyway. If the soft benefits (things like a casual office and/or the ability to work from home, etc.) are good, I'm willing to take a bit of a pay cut for the right people. We'll find out if these are them.

I'm also keeping an ear out for more stuff and checking the job boards regularly so something will turn up soon, I'm sure.

On Saturday the 10th, we're having a bunch of people and their dogs over for a puppy play party. Teddy and Tara turn one year old on the 14th and with mnstf being regularly scheduled for the 17th, this seemed like a good day to have everyone and their dogs over for a romp. Usual suspects have been notified by email, but anyone that has a dog or just likes dogs is welcome to stop by and enjoy too.

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