Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Icon meme

Comment on this post. I will choose seven userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

pegkerr picked these for me:

This is my "zen" icon. I made it from a shot of a Japanese garden that I found somewhere on the web. The peaceful aura of such places resonates in my soul. I use this icon for topics relating to zen, of course, but also for when a calming nature is needed either by me or by those I'm commenting to.

This is my Ganesh icon. I particularly like that this statuette shows Ganesh dancing. If I'm going to have a representation of a diety, it's going to be laughing and/or dancing. I use Ganesh here for posts that have a spiritual nature that is playful. I also place him upon comments encouraging others in their times of trouble. One of Ganesh's aspects is that of Remover of Obstacles so when my friends have obstacles, I invoke him for them.

A while back, my friend robin_d_laws bought a wok. It turned out to be a wok that was not suited to him, his kitchen and his purposes. While attempting to discover ways in which one might use a surplus wok, I stumbled upon the concept of wok racing. It seems some people strap ladles to their feet, hop in woks and go barreling down unused bobsled tracks. For fun. I use this icon for posts or comments on zany, adventurous or just plain silly topics.

My hammer icon invokes the classic MC Hammer song using riffs on standard Windows user interface elements. (Notice that, even if this were an active dialog and not just an image, you can't "Touch this.") I use it for a bit of silliness now and then and also when a concept or person needs a bit of hammering.

This icon was created in response to one of pegkerr's posts about the difficult she has in finding food that her entire family will enjoy. So many of the things she posts about that her family refuses to eat sound so wonderful that it reminded me of how I couldn't stand to eat so many things as a child and that I find so many of them delicious today. In fact, the only food that my body simply refuses to tolerate is roasted acorn squash. Something about the combination of taste and texture just doesn't work for me and my body refuses to swallow. It's sad, really, because it always smells so good when it's baking that I want to enjoy it.

I created this icon from the images of comic-book sound effects that appeared in the campy Batman television series. I remember loving that show as a kid and in addition to invoking that sense of nostalgia, it allows me to deliver a healthy dose of smack-down when necessary without being overly mean. It's most often meant as a playful zing when attached to a snarky comment.

This is my most recent icon. As such, it hasn't fully developed in its usefulness. Among the things I hate is mowing my lawn. So the concept of a lawn that cuts itself (because it hurts) makes me happy. Then I feel bad, so I cut. No one understands.


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