Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Fence accomplished

As erickavan reported yesterday, we have our back yard fenced in! In a flurry of activity, the preparations for getting this done came together along with the helping hands of many friends and we got the majority of the work done in a single day. The last piece was getting the gate constructed and hung and now that is finished as well. I need to figure out how I want to have the gate latch but it will work well for now. The spring-loaded hinges keep it closed and a bungee cord keeps inquisitive dog noses from prying it open.

The puppies are the big beneficiaries of all this effort as they now have ample space to romp and play. I benefit as well from not having to go out into the cold and rain with them when they need to go out. I discovered this morning, while a temporary board blocked the gate area, that I could let them out, crawl back into bed and if I flipped head to foot, I could watch them play from my bedroom window. This bodes well for my comfort and sleep and the extra exercise will do the dog a world of good.

Before the snow flies, I hope to get a doggy play date together with my dog-owning friends; likely many of the same crew that got together over at sraun and iraunink's place earlier this summer but including the neighborhood dogs as well.

In fact, I hope to turn the yard into a sort of neighborhood dog park, giving folks a place to come and let their dogs exercise and socialize. That may wait until next spring, though, as I want to get about four to six inches of wood chips laid down over the yard (to cut down on mud and the like) before making a big production of it. And I want to get a sign to put up, christening the space "Brandy's Back Yard" in honor of the pet we lost over a year ago.

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