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Commuting tales

This evening was my first bike commute to work in the rain. Just a light sprinkle that started when I got out of the garage. I quickly pulled my rain slicker out of my rack trunk and donned it before leaving the house. I was surprised at how cool I stayed while biking under the waterproof protection of the high-tech material. I guess all the information about breathability was more than just marketing spiel.

I think the long-sleeved bright yellow slicker may have helped in more ways than one. Last night I had a couple of close encounters on the way to work. In both instances, drivers just appeared to be not looking until I was really too close for my comfort. Fortunately, I was paying more attention than they were and was able to avoid any trouble.

I'm glad that the majority of my route is not highly trafficed. Last week I tried an alternate route that had newer pavement for most of the route and one steep climb and descent rather than many smaller ones. I think it was a bit longer and the two big strikes against it were more traffic lights and more traffic (which kind of makes sense). Even on a Saturday morning when I tested it out, there was far more traffic than on weekday mornings on my primary route. I think I'll stick with the primary unless some construction or other problem arises.

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