Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

A meme to pass the time

Our friend pegkerr leads us astray:

If you comment on this post, I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Here are the interests from my list that pegkerr picked to ask me about:

adventures: This found its way on my list after alisgray invited me to join sf0 a sort of do-it-yourself game that people in SF and elsewhere play. And by play, I mean "have adventures." It seems to me to be mostly a way of doing silly things and sharing them with your friends. And what is an adventure if not a silly thing that you share with friends?

alton brown: Is, of course, the host of the Food Network program Good Eats. He takes a very practical approach to cooking that appealed to me immediately. The first episode I watched involved him making three variations on the standard Toll House cookie recipe and explaining why the changes he made resulted in very different cookies. He's instilled a sense of playfulness, experimentation, science and wonder into my cooking.

dresden: I added this as a list after enjoying the first season of The Dresden Files on Sci Fi. Harry Dresden appeals to me as a character and I think I would enjoy him even more if I read the books upon which the series was based. He is one of several of my interests that reflect an attraction to magical realism and to modern fantasy.

native plants: A few years ago I grew tired of mowing my lawn. Looking for a way to cut down on the mowing I stumbled first on to rain gardens and then on to prairie plants. It struck me as immediately sensible to plant things that had evolved to cope with our climate. They would, naturally, require less care than the species thrust into our climate. And I don't take to no coddling of plants. I'll put 'em in good ground and I'll give 'em a hand to get started but then they're on their own! I've expanded my native plantings every year since and look to add more either this fall or next spring.

paul westerberg: Paul is a local singer/songwriter. His career started as the lead singer for the influential (but not commercially successful) Minneapolis band, The Replacements. His turns of phrase create alternately hilarious, poignant and touching lyrics. The only songwriter that I've found at all similar is markiv1111, and they work in very different genres. In my journey to become an 80-year-old blues guitarist, I plan to pick up a few of Paul's songs along the way.

swing: I started really liking swing a few years before seeing the movie Swing Kids. It was always a fun music to listen to, but that film galvanized its revolutionary nature for me as well. At its birth, swing was the music of a very progressive young people. Swing clubs welcomed black and white youths at a time when separation and segregation were the norm. So, while I've drifted more to the blues, swing remains the anthem of the revolution.

willow: I think that the journey of the character Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a rich storyline. From her days as the dorky/brainy sidekick to her growth as, perhaps, the most powerful witch in the Buffyverse, it was fascinating to watch the twists and turns of her character. She grew on screen in ways that even Buffy did not. So much of Buffy's growth was due to things that happened to her. Willow grew because of things she chose. Her choices were not always wise, but each was a conscious choice and she dealt with the consequences of her actions. (Plus, I have this thing for redheads.)

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