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Gig on the side - Peter Hentges

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September 17th, 2007

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02:53 pm - Gig on the side
I've started writing for 80108.com, a service that sends short text messages to your cell phone on topics that interest you. My topic is foodie things in the Twin Cities. Mostly this has been restaurant recommendations in connection with downtown lunches or special events. (And some are just filling in the classics.) The audience is mostly college-age kids so I try to keep things mostly on the cheap and with access to public transportation. You can find all my postings to date at: http://www.80108.com/thumbcasts/minneapolis-foodie/archive/

They pay me a pittance ($100/month) but it's fun, gives me an excuse to go out to eat and is great writing practice because I have to fit everything into 160-character messages. Usually three messages per event/review being a lead-in, the location/phone and other info and then the "scoop" with special tidbits or guidance.

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Date:September 18th, 2007 12:18 am (UTC)
What a cool idea, I've never heard of such a thing... $100 outta balance out the cost of the food eh?
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Date:September 18th, 2007 09:18 am (UTC)
Some. I produce three entries a week so it doesn't cover it all, but I figure I'll be able to write off the meals on my taxes.

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