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Peter Hentges

An assortment

I've thought of a few things that I should post about over the last few weeks but haven't seemed to get around to posting them. So this is a brief listing of those things and a few thoughts, if not an actual post about any of them.

My bus to work every morning crosses the Washington Avenue bridge. Just upstream from this bridge is a dock where boats that give Mississippi River tours dock during the Spring and Summer. The dock is in the middle of a broad park. Now that park has piles of twisted steel girders and rebar that seem oddly well organized despite their state. A crane is parked there and barges are often pulled up to the dock. They are collecting the debris from the I-35 bridge collapse. The first couple of days they started using this site, there were crushed cars being stacked up before being hauled away.

The job at Target continues to go well. I'm currently working on a project that will have some input into how the Target web site gets redesigned over the course of the next year or two. I hope that means that my contract will get extended over that time as well. In the meantime, it's very cool to be working with people who appreciate your insight and are enthusiastic about what you bring to the job. It also doesn't hurt that the two designers I sit with are the right mix of funny/sarcastic and head-down get work done.

Wednesdays are my "night off," when Ericka has arranged to have one of her PCAs who can stay with her until later in the night. This gives me the opportunity to get out and do some fun things at least once a week. Mostly, I've been staying downtown and catching movies at Block E because it's right across the street from where I work (my office is in City Center). In the past few weeks I've seen Stardust (loved it), Skinwalkers (schlocky, but I knew that going in) and War (ok action, with a plot twist that made the movie more interesting in retrospect but still not more than just ok). Since I got to the 4:55 p.m. showing of War this past week, I also decided to stop in at the Japanese bistro that opened up in my neighborhood. I was quite pleased with Obento-Ya and will try to patronize them some more. The only thing I missed from my experience was some sake as they don't have a liquor license. This leads me to think they are not long for this heavily-college-aged neighborhood but I wish them well.

There were some more things, but they'll have to wait. Now off to pay the water bill!

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