Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Very productive Saturday

I woke up and fed the puppies early this morning and convinced them that letting me sleep a couple more hours was in their best interest. When Ericka's helper arrived at 11:00 we headed off to the dog park at Lake of the Isles and they spent the next couple of hours running to their heart's content. Two other Bernese Mt. Dogs showed up along with a couple of Great Pyrenees and a the usual smattering of other breeds. I was kind of bummed that more dogs that like to run weren't there because my pair have a ball chasing after other dogs that are running. Some whippets, greyhounds and Aussies showed up later but the puppies were a bit too tuckered to do any sustained running at that point.

Once back home, I decided to do something with the volunteer sunflowers in my front yard. Loyal viewers will remember that I planned on herbiciding that chunk of lawn this summer but with the lack of rain and heat, it had gone dormant and that would have done no good so I've been holding off. In the meantime, this crop of sunflowers popped up and they brought some weeds along with them. I pulled all the weeds out and a few of the sunflowers that were more crowded. Then I took the cardboard from my recent Ikea purchases and the vast quantity of boxes that seem to arrive at this house and used it to sheet mulch around the remaining sunflower plants. I finally put the weeds on top of the cardboard to help keep it from blowing away and to contribute their nitrogen back into the soil that will result from the cardboard decomposing.

Given the crapload of cardboard that seems to be coming in, I may be able to get away from having to use herbicide on my lawn altogether. I hadn't expected to have this much smothering material, which is why I decided to herbicide earlier. So we'll see how things develop and keep the Round-Up in reserve for now.

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