Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Er ... Good? Dog?

As the evening's storm descended on the Twin Cities, it was time for me to be getting to bed. This means it was time for me to take the puppies on one last trip outside before they settled in for the night. We sat in the front yard and I could smell the storm as it moved in if the lightning flashes weren't enough evidence.

The puppies appeared to finish their business and busy themselves with chomping on what little green material there was in the lawn, crab grass and quack grass mostly. Teddy can be a bit stubborn and so we worked our way slowly back inside, one leash-length at a time, one treat at a time.

The storm's fury was greeted by warning barks by Teddy. There was something outside making a noise! The humans must be told! I eventually opened the back door and the screen door and showed him the rain. He was quiet for a while after that, seemingly satisfied that I understood about what was making the noise.

A little while later, however, he began barking again. This was a different bark, though, higher-pitched and more urgent. Was he afraid? Our late dog, Brandy, became terrified of storms in her old age and could get destructive if not restrained or sedated. We certainly didn't want that with these dogs who promised to be even larger and stronger than Brandy was.

No, it turns out that our long-suffering efforts at house-training had paid off. Teddy had to go out and poop and was letting us know. So I donned jacket and hat and took him out in the rain where he quickly did his business and hurried back inside.

Biggest storm of the season and my dog wants to go out in it.

Good boy, Teddy. Now let's work on that timing.

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