Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Thus ends this chapter

Ericka is home and is in no serious danger at this time.

The diagnosis appears to be swelling of the parotid gland (Wikipedia has a decent description and picture) for reasons not presently known. Taking the antibiotic appeared to help so she's to continue taking that until she can get a fine-needle biopsy of the gland to determine what's going on. No stone showed up in the ultrasound, so the doctor ruled that out as a probably cause. If it is a tumor is it most likely benign, and most tumors of this gland turn out to be benign. If it's an infection that's not responding to the antibiotics, the biopsy will tell us that too.

The main difficulty at this point is that Ericka's power wheelchair is on the fritz and likely won't be fixed for a couple of weeks. So getting her to the hospital to get the biopsy done and then to an ENT clinic for the results the next day and then to any other facility for any prescribed treatment and so on will be a royal pain in the ass. Fortunately, the nature of the problem does not appear to be changing quickly or developing in a way that may be harmful to Ericka so she can wait the couple of weeks until her chair is fixed and transport becomes more routine.

Ericka's PCAs when above and beyond this evening, sticking around well past their scheduled hours and helping out in ways that aren't strictly in their job descriptions. We'll have to find a way to reward their loyalty and dedication. They were a really big help.

I am fortunate to not have any pressing duties at the new job in the morning, so if I have to call in to say I'll be a little late, it shouldn't have a dramatic impact.

Now to get some sleep and hope that things are boring around these parts for a while.

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