Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Just in time

Well, the job hunting has come to an end for the time being! I signed all the paperwork on Monday for a 3-month contract gig as an Information Architect. I'll be working downtown for Target again (and will endeavor to stay awake for it all this time). Yesterday afternoon, I received the official notification that I'll be starting on the 23rd.

This is good timing as the bills are getting due and the check from the last Target gig came in just under the wire for getting the mortgage paid for July. I'll be getting paid weekly at this new gig but suspect that August's mortgage payment will be about a week late. I can deal with that. The other thing getting that check informed me of was how my take-home pay will look. It appears that a week and a half will pay the mortgage. So, in a given month, I should have roughly a week's worth of pay for bills, a week's to pay down debt and another little bit for savings. At that rate, the savings will be built back up pretty quickly and the debt erased smartly.

On top of all that fine news, the work looks like it will be interesting and enjoyable. Plus it will be downtown, so bussing keeps me from having car expenses while I build up savings!

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes during my search. It's good to know I have friends when I get to feeling down.

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