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Winnipeg Thursday

After a shaky start of waking up late and leaving both directions to the folk festival and my bodhran at hom, I got on the road up to Winnipeg. Laurel was a big help both with getting her pass and in jotting down directions for me.

The trip up was largely uneventful. The one incident was that I sunburned both my arms. The left one was a natural (all that north travel as the sun set in the west) but the inside of the right one burned as well. This was to be the worst I would be burned throughout the weekend.

Unlike some, I crossed the border without incident and found my way to the festival site. I was surprised at how big the park was. After passing through the gate it seemed like 10 minutes before I got to the turn-off for the festival site.

I arrived sometime around 8:30, got the car park and followed the music towards the festival. I figured I would hook up with people already there and then try to find my way to the campground. If things went all to hell, I'd crash in my car for the night and start again the next day.

Found my way to the main stage near the end of Dervish's performance and just as Rokia Traore, a musician from Bali, was getting started. I listened a little and then wandered off to exchange my camping ticket for a camping wristband. I got back in time to hear Sam Bush (who would later describe himself as the "Mother" of Bluegrass) and then the Fabulous Thunderbirds. I recalled the latter from their "Tough Enough" single when I was in high school and was glad to see they had a bit more range than tha. Some quite decent Texas blues.

I spend this whole evening on the back baggie, farthest from the stage. It was still light when I arrived so the glowy bits of my friends weren't help in finding them in the crowd. Fortunately, Chas flagged me down so it didn't take long to find everyone.

When things wound up, we rolled up the baggie and headed back to camp. Music was just starting there and the all-night revels were also starting. I made a trip to the car and gathered my tent and sleeping bag, pitching it in the dark while singing along with bits of the music. I turned in early, blissfully able to let fatigue cover the noises from all around.

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