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It was a two-interview day

Had two phone interviews today. Both seemed rather short to me but also felt like they were simple pre-screens. Checking to see if there was a living, breathing human behind the resume in front of them. I won't hear for a few day about either opportunity. The good thing is that neither seemed to blanche at the salary I was expecting, though it's always hard to tell these things for sure on the phone.

I had a meeting with a contracting firm yesterday and confirmed today that they'll be submitting me for the position we discussed. That would be working downtown, which would be great.

Also today I did a bit of credit juggling and ended up shifting some high-interest debt to debt that will be without interest until next year. So that should save me a few bucks a month and at least postpone my going into any deeper debt for a while. It also gives me a chunk of credit to fall back on if this job search goes on longer than my cash holds out.

So I'm still pretty up-beat about the job things and keep finding more and more positions to apply for. Something that's a good fit is bound to come along any time now.

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