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Mars wants news!

Well, actually, I want your newspaper. You see, I discovered last year when I installed a rain garden that if you do any digging hereabouts, apart from the requisite hole, the other thing you get is morning glory. Morning glory vines everywhere. Crawling up the trees, devouring the fences, out-competing (for the love of pete) the creeping charlie.

So I'm not making that same mistake this year. No sirree. Any expanding of various garden plots I do this year will come with a healthy dose of smothering. We're talking a good couple of inches of newspaper, topped with compost and mulch. Any planting can be cut into that. Worms will have their way with the newspaper and by next year it'll be the sweetest topsoil a mother could want. And not a morning glory to be found in the mess.

This is also going to be my strategy for combating quack grass. There are some invaders coming into my delicate little prairies and perennials and I won't have it. They'll just have to keep their dirty rhizomes to themselves! That's what I say. So a border of newspaper for them too!

The problem I have is transportation. I know a few of you are avid news hounds and get quite a bit stacked up. That does me little good, however. I need your newspaper to get to me. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone feel like carting a few bales of newspaper over to my place? I figure my best fall-back will be to arrange a pick-up day and drive our van around to load it to the gills.

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