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Traveller returneth

Got back from the Winnipeg Folk Festival this morning. I'll post more about the fun time I had there a bit later. I left my program at home so I won't be able to remember people's names and the order in which I saw various things.

Got a great farmer's tan on the drive up. Ended up burning both of my arms more on that drive than on the rest of the weekend. Silly me, who'd of thunk I'd need sunscreen for a little drive? (I think is a third-shift related injury. Typically by this time of year I'd have a nice tan on my arms due to driving and to playing volleyball once a week. One 5-hour exposure instead of many 20-minute ones cooked me good.)

Was great meeting the Baggiecon (those SF fans and related friends that go to the Folk Festival every year) folks and living with them for a few days. We were pretty much a model of how these things should work: dividing labor, tolerating each other's foibles, lending a hand where needed, being good neighbors, etc.)

One highlight for me was having my "mostly harmless" vibe very dramatically confirmed. On Sunday I moved my car from campground overflow parking to festival parking so that I'd be closer to the car when it came time to leave late that night. I hauled my possessions to the car from the campground to the car in the "Baggiecart" and loaded them up. As I finished an attractive young woman approached me, saying, "That is you!" and appearing very pleased.

During our somewhat confusing conversation it became quite apparent that she thought that I was either (a) someone she knew (I initially thought she might be someone associated with the Baggiecon folk that I simply failed to recognize or hadn't been introduced to) or (b) Tim Curry (whom I've not been mistaken for prior to this...). She also wanted me to give her water (which I didn't have on me) or take her to where she could get water and was generally affectionate and flirty. I ended up hauling her over to the campground in the baggiecart and turning her over to the security folks there as she exhibited fairly broad mood swings and incoherance. It was pretty obvious that she was either on something she shouldn't be or not on something she should be so they were likely to be better equipped to take care of her than I would be alone at camp.

I got to thinking later that a person could have easily taken advantage of this confused girl and that she was probably really lucky to run into me. Sometimes I think I would have a much more interesting life if I wasn't such a nice guy. Not better, mind you, just more interesting. Largely, though, I like who I am.

Upon arriving at home I got to hear about how life went completely to hell around the house with me gone. I must be a stabilizing influence as these things rarely come up when I'm around. Or maybe they just come up in small enough batches that I don't get the big news dump the way I do when I return from a trip.

Anyway, the A/C went out but has since been fixed. Like our friends Bruce and Karen, we had a mysterious leak of coolant. Fortuantely, the guts of our central air are readily accessible so the repair should not have been too hard. (I think it happened while I slept, I'll have to check with Ericka to be certain.) The Tivo problems I started having last week have not gone away, despite the valiant efforts of our good friend John. I'll be calling him to discuss them more tomorrow. In the meantime, I guess I'll catch up on movie watching. The phones are doing odd things; ringing oddly or not at all to incoming calls. So I'll need to see if Ericka reported this to Qwest or not and then follow up on getting it repaired.

Oh, and Ericka is off to Chicago for most of the week, returning on Thursday. This despite pulling an intercostal or abdominal muscle (hopefully not tearing it) that occasionally causes her great pain if she moves wrong. Silly Ericka. She had her mind made up and I was sleep deprived when I arrived this morning so there was going to be no arguing her out of it.

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