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A small victory on the road to good nutrition

A while back, thanks to pegkerr, I checked out The World's Healthiest Foods. The site makes a good case for eating all sorts of healthy foods and I've been lax in the last mumble, mumble years in eating things that are good for me.

My difficulty is that erickavan can be pretty finicky when it comes to foods and sometimes the drugs she takes can upset her stomach so that she doesn't want to eat at all. Still, she must eat and so a limited number of comfort foods are things she will eat even if she doesn't want to. I do all the cooking and by the time I've fed Ericka, cats and puppies I'm pretty tired and so fall on whatever is easy and available for myself.

Well, I took a small step in rectifying that earlier this week. I made up a big batch of chili, specifically the Black Bean Chili featured on the above site. I doctored that recipe, largely by upping the spices and made a quadruple batch in my big stock pot. I also left out the cilantro as I'm one of the unfortunates for whom it tastes like soap. The result was very tasty and had a nearly perfect level of spiciness; enough to make me have a little sweat after eating a full bowl yet retaining its full flavorfulness.

The big win for me came last night. I'd finished getting everyone else's dinner ready and I was looking for something to eat myself. I puttered about a bit and was about to fall back to my old standby, PBJ, when I remembered the chili! I dug a zipper-bag of it out of the freezer, heated it up and had a lovely, healthy meal. I still have more of it socked away and the main thing I've learned for next time is to freeze it in smaller portions. The quart-sized bags I used are good for a dinner but too much for a lunch or snack. Combining smaller portions when I want more will be a lot easier than trying to chip off a hunk from a bigger portion when I'm not as hungry.

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