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Viva la Revolucion!

Over on mnstf, laurel wrote a revolutionary message that I quote here in part:
lydy has agreed to be Minn-StF President for the year that starts, well, now. Thanks, Lydy! Talk to her if you'd like to host an upcoming Minn-StF meeting/party or other event.

A huge thank-you tojbru for being President for not just one year, but two years in a row!
Years? What is this years she speaks of? I am President for Life!

Still have a pulse last I checked! That means I am still President. Need further proof? Was skzbrust at Minicon? No. So he couldn't have killed me. And we all know that the President has traditionally been assassinated by the Executive Vice President when the people have tired of his rule.

No, this is nothing more than a coup! A coup orchestrated and perpetrated upon the good people of MN-Stf by none other than SMOF. That's right, I dare speak their name because I do not fear them! They are not Secret and no longer shall they be our Masters! I call upon fans brave and true to join me on the Council Of Revolutionary Phans. CORP will smash SMOF and return rule of the club to the rightful party. Me. I mean the people. That's right, the people. The fans themselves who, in their wisdom have called upon me to do whatever it is that I do as El Presidente.
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