Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

A mighty weekend and busy start to the week

I was mighty this weekend. I slew much of the chaos beast and, in short order, found the USB cable for my camera, a FireWire cable that allowed me to transfer files from old laptop to new easily, a USB cable that should allow me to hook up the new printer that came with the new laptop and, most impressively, the cord and charger for my camera's battery! You, gentle reader, will benefit from my hunting prowess as there will shortly be more pictures of my cute puppies! (These will be some older photos that were stuck on my memory card and then brand-new pictures of the puppies in their current state.)

Monday was a busy day because I took one of the puppies to puppy class. This is a basic socialization and good manners class put on by the Twin Cities Obedience Training Club. I plan on taking both puppies but since having two to train at once is a bit much, I'm taking them on alternate weeks. I planned to take Tara Monday night, because she's been a handful lately and would likely benefit from focusing some of that energy to something useful. When it came time to go, however, she was laying down in the bathroom so it was easier to contain her and take Teddy to the first class. We learned some good things like how to reinforce calm behavior in a strange situation, how to get puppies used to being handled, how to have them be calm when petted by strangers, how to start them on walking on a loose leash and the beginnings of sit. Teddy is pretty far along compared to some of the other pups in class because we've been working with them for a while already. Still, it was nice to get reinforcement of the stuff we've been doing and to learn techniques for other things. Another interesting side-note was that the chef from Kieran's was in the class with her little pup. (Looked like a pug, but I'm not real good with breeds.)

Tuesday has been busy because the daughter of one of Ericka's PCAs was on the way to school when her bus was involved in an accident this morning. I don't think any of the kids were hurt seriously because they took them to school so it was probably just a fender bender. Ericka's PCA was justifiably freaked, however, and was heading over to the school to get her daughter and get her checked out. So I had to head home from the office and it looked like I'd be missing another day of work. After a couple of hours at home, however, we heard from Luke, a guy from down the block who does little handy-man stuff for Ericka now and then and he agreed to hang out and assist while studying. So he'll be available to fetch her this and that and to take the pups out if they need it. That has allowed me to come back into the office where I can get a few things done anyway and it ends up being like I've taken an especially long lunch.

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