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Lovely ride

In the early morning hours, waiting for the bus, it can be a dreary, soul-crushing experience. It can be dark. It can be cold. It can be raining. Even on mornings as lovely as this one it can be a drag to stand on the corner hoping the bus will arrive soon.

When I got on the bus this morning, that all changed. A cheerful, smiling black woman wished me a very heart-felt good morning. She proceeded to do the same to everyone that came aboard. There was something in how she addressed everyone that made me feel like she really meant it. She wanted everyone to have a good morning.

As I sat in my seat and watched new passengers get on, it was amazing to see the transformation. People smiled. Their eyes lit up. Even bleary college students were infected with the driver's enthusiasm and cheer.

As I got off the bus I thanked her for an enjoyable ride. She told me to pass it on.
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