Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Lovely days

Sometime this weekend, I lost a day. Yesterday felt like Sunday to me and I was really looking forward to having today off work. Well, at least I had yesterday off and a grand day for a day off it was.

The puppies and I spent quite a bit of time outdoors yesterday. The warmer temps seem to have infused them with increased energy. They raaaaaaan all over the yard, the quickly-melting snow flying in their wake.

All the time outdoors had me thinking about Spring projects. We'll need a fence so the puppies don't need as much supervision. (Though I discovered the mystical powers of freeze-dried liver bits over the weekend. The puppies pay a lot more attention to me when I have some in my pocketses.) A lot of overgrown undergrowth should be torn out and run through a wood-chipper. Some of that will be necessitated by the installation of the fence, some is just way overdue. There are also some plantings I want to make and I'm eager to strip last-year's growth from the prairies.

Today is another lovely day and I got to get out of the office for lunch and enjoy a bit of it. So nice to be able to walk a few blocks without having to bundle up like you're off on an Arctic expedition.
Tags: lunch, pets, prairie, puppies, tara, teddy, weather, weekend

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