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Family vet day. Plus: lockout!

Today was the day for the third set of shots for the puppies and we also go them microchipped. Domino, one of our cats, was also due for rabies and distemper vaccines. We've been meaning to get Vegas, the other cat, in for a general check-up and to sign her up for the Banfield pet hospital "wellness plan." (This being a way to pay a monthly amount and have regular check-ups not cost any extra.)

So this morning, I packed all the animals up to take them off to the vet. The cats were easy. A quick dump into a carrier (one for each cat) with an old t-shirt and they were ready to roll.

The puppies are still not too sure about the van, so convincing them to come along took some coaxing. Poor Teddy is very unhappy about being in the van, particularly when it's moving and expressed this displeasure the whole way. Thankfully, there was no elimination in the van this time as I made sure to give the puppies plenty of time outside before we headed out.

Everyone behaved well once we were inside at the vet's and Vegas even got raves on how good her teeth are for a cat her age.

After we got checked out, I took the puppies for a short walk around the adjoining PetSmart store. They got to meet some other puppies as there was a training class about to start and were told by all and sundry that they are adorable.

After getting everyone home I set off to work. I had some time to make up from earlier in the week and some testing of an application to do. So I figured I'd put in four or five hours today and get all caught up.

When I arrived, however, the doors to my building were locked! And no one visible to let me in. I rang what appeared to be a bell, hoping a security guard or someone would be around but no dice.

So back home to puppy supervision for the afternoon. This'll set me back a bit next week, but I'll survive. I'll have to ask about how other folks get in to work on weekends as I've heard co-workers talking about doing so.
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