Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Days of haze

My world seems to be disappearing into a sleepy haze. The puppies are still going through the pangs of house-breaking. We are seeing improvements, but things aren't perfect yet. They may not be perfect for many more months. So far, the worst of the imperfection is the 3-4:00 a.m. potty time. I get to bed at a reasonable hour only to be awoken by pups needing to go out. I want to teach them that if they ask to go outside, they get to go and this is a good thing so I drag myself out of bed and out we go. The brisk Minnesota mornings wake me up enough to make getting back to sleep a bit of a chore and the puppies get up again at 6:00 a.m. for their morning feeding (and outside again right after).

So lately, I've been eating breakfast right after the puppies get in from their potty break following the 6:00 feeding. I watch The Daily Show while I eat and start on The Colbert Report but doze off before it's done. I wake up sometime around 8:00, get myself ready for work and get Ericka her morning medications.

Yesterday I got home and stayed awake long enough to get the puppies their evening meal at 6:00 p.m. They got a potty break right after and once they were back inside I laid down for a quick nap. I figured I'd catch an hour or two, have some time to do some gaming or reading and then be ready to take the puppies out again before getting to bed by 11:00.

Well, that plan didn't work as I slept until 10:00, got Ericka her evening medications, took the puppies out and set about to get myself ready for bed. I was a bit wakeful and got some food in as I watched The Daily Show but after that I collapsed back into sleep. The puppies did not wake me at 4:00 or so this morning, but that may have more to do with my need for sleep rather than their lack of need to go outside.

As I arrived at work this morning, a pixie dust flurry of snow, shining in the early morning sun was swirling around the streets of downtown Minneapolis. It made me wonder, briefly, if I was still asleep and dreaming.
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