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Ever since the passing of our beloved dog, Brandy, erickavan has been pining for another dog. We have gone so far as to borrow the friendly dog of our friends to soothe her nerves. We agreed that we'd keep an eye out for a new dog but that we wouldn't be rushing into getting one just to have a dog. We'd wait for the right dog to come into our lives.

Well, the new year brought everything together. A litter of Bernese mountain dogs was born in a small town outside Albert Lea about seven weeks ago. The breeders were ready to let them go and a friend connected us with them.

I drove down there this evening and picked out a brother and sister from the litter.

Ericka is pleased as punch and I'm pretty happy myself. Who can be unhappy when there are roly-poly fuzzy puppies about?

Vegas, whose pic adorns this post, appears quite put out by this turn of events. She took one look at the little beasts and high-tailed it to the basement. Domino, on the other hand, was initially wary but grew curious and bolder as the puppies grew sleepier. At one point, I was sitting on the floor with my legs stretched out and had the female puppy on one side of my legs with Domino on the other.

Pictures will be forthcoming because the puppies are too cute for words. They will also be given names once we've gotten to know them a little better.
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