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A too-long absence

It's been quite a while since I had something to write in LJ. And, strictly speaking, I don't really have anything note-worthy to write about now. I just thought it best to make sure that friends spread far and wide know that I am not completely hibernating. (That option does seem tempting on chilly, dark mornings, let me tell ya.)

Ericka and I have been discovering the joys of the video game Viva Pinata. Basically, it's a simple gardening sim and the rewards of your labors are not only flowers, fruit and vegetables, but living pinata critters that come to live in your garden. If you meet the correct criteria, you can pair up pinata of the same species and have them "romance" to add to the population. You can then sell these pinata off so they can fulfill their fondest wish: to make a party somewhere happy by being broken apart and spilling their candy! It's a bizarre take on reincarnation in that once they fulfill this destiny, they return to Pinata Island to begin the process anew.

I am also spending a good deal of time playing Gears of War, a stylish shooting game. I'm getting reasonably decent at the on-line multiplayer portion of the game and have made a few friends that are fun to play with. There are a lot of people playing this game and with that popularity comes a bit of assholishness. I try to remember to breath and remember it's just a game when I want to reach through the screen and throttle some 13-year-old.

My social calendar is filling up as the end of the year approaches, so I imagine that I'll see many of you at one event or another between now and then. In the meantime, someone order some snow already, OK?

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