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So very tired

It's been a long week. I'll be glad when the weekend is here.

Ericka has been having a rough time this week. It's the second week of her taking methotrexate in an attempt to improve her breathing. It's a fairly drastic step; methotrexate is a drug normally used for chemotherapy. My friend Jeff Tidball once described his chemotherapy as operating under the theory that you poisoned everything and what survived was probably good.

So we've both been a bit nervous about Ericka starting this. A major concern is that it suppresses her immune system. And now she's come down with an upper respiratory infection. These are hard on her normally and not having her immune system up to snuff is just going to make it harder.

I act as back-up support for the raft of PCAs that come through. If any of them should get sick, the schedule must be hastily adjusted. We're very lucky to have some very good PCAs at the moment. Even if I'm not doing care for Ericka during the day, I am filling that role at night. It makes for some long days at times.

And in the midst of all this, I have to take care of myself as well. Last thing I want to do is get sick and expose Ericka to something new. The pink eye I had earlier this week kept me obsessively washing my hands and limiting my contact with Ericka lest she contract it. That's subsided now, a particularly good thing as Ericka needs more care just now.

Speaking of taking care of myself, I best be getting to sleep....
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