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Counting down

While the Winnipeg folks are counting things as "one sleep" until festival I'm hoping I'll get a bit more than that. ;) Still, I've been so excited the last couple of days that I've been rising early and getting on the various things I need to do before leaving. Have a pretty good handle on it now, I think. (Mentally added "take bike rack off car" to the list.)

One annoyance is that it appears that my Tivo's modem was fried in our last thunderstorm or as a result of a corroded plug an another cord in the house. So I'll run out of programming information sometime on Sunday, a prospect that makes me shudder. Never mind the $150 repair cost (plus shipping to MA and back) how could I go back to watching TV like the rest of the world? Not able to fast-forward through commercials. Not able to pause if the phone rings. Not able to catch second airings of things in the wee hours so I can get a baseball game in prime time? How do people live like that?

So I'm going to see if I can scrounge up an external modem tomorrow. People have successfully gotten their Tivos to use one through a serial port so I'm hopeful. If this doesn't work, I'll have to ship the sucker off. (Though probably not to the repair place Sony wants me to use as there are net.folks who appear to have good reputations and better deals.) I'm also thinking that this is a good opportunity to hack the Tivo to add a second drive to the box and give myself more recording capacity. Probably best to do one thing at a time, though.

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